Need to Lose Weight Now?-You Must Read This

 Need to Lose Weight?

7 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

Need to Lose WeightUnlike many folks who write about diets and whether they work or not, I actually have first -hand experience with dieting and a variety of diet plans as I’ve been on most of them. I said to myself, “I need to lose weight now”.

I’m amazed and disgruntled with all the different plans on the market all designed to take our money knowing full well that for the majority of those embarking on the latest and greatest weight loss program, most will have short term success and long term failure. As a rule, diets don’t work.

The weight loss business is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Ask yourself this question. If diets worked, why is there an industry based on them? If they worked, wouldn’t there never be a need for them anymore. One would do….that’s all. Anyone with a problem could go on it and voila….we would all be thin and stay that way.

The truth is out there people. Diets don’t work and that’s why there are so many.



Here’s Why Diets Don’t Work:

    • Short-term loss and long-term gain. Statistically it has been proven that 90% of people who diet gain all the weight back and even gain even more weight after five years.I can confirm this personally as I have lost and re-gained every pound several times in the course of my lifetime.
    •  Remaining on a diet forever is an impossibility. It can’t be sustained. The reason being is that they are highly restricted and limiting and lead to some sort of food obsession. When this happens, we binge and then start the good and bad day cycle.When we break the diet we feel guilty, inadequate and like a failure and have problems with body image. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
       How many people do you know who could stay on a 700 calorie diet for the rest of their lives? Your body is literally starving  and recognizes this so    once you start eating normally again….on the pounds go again as the body works very hard to protect itself against further starvation.
    • Diets are marketed as a quick fix. You can lose 10 pounds in 10 days! Hurry; get into that dress for your wedding or the swimsuit for summer. They fail to tell you that it’s water weight you lose for the most part and the weight will come back on just as quickly as it was shed.
    •  Diets treat all calories the same and they are not. There are good calories and not so good calories. The body uses these calories in different ways.
    • Diets are about will-power. What a load of hogwash. Any overweight person who has been on one diet or another has amazing will-power. It’s very difficult to remain focused on eating lettuce and green beans when your friends are thin and eating pizza and spaghetti.  Then only to discover that not only have you not lost anything, but may have even gained half a pound!

    You know how hard you work to get those pounds off and so if you go out to eat and decide to have a potato everyone stares at you…judging you by what you put in your mouth. So again, here come the feelings of inadequacy and failure.

    •  Diets can lead to an obsession with food.  As soon as someone tells you that you can’t have something, suddenly you want it. You fantasize about it, can’t wait to get off this bloody diet so you can enjoy this food again.
    • Diets ignore the fact that our body weight is determined by much more than caloric intake and exercise. There are many reasons why a person is fat than simply their eating habits. Until these are addressed, permanent weight loss will remain elusive.

I have felt the judgement of others my whole life (since age 5) for being overweight. As I mentioned early on in this article I have been on just about every diet on the planet. They were all successful in the short term, but not overtime. You might assume that the cupboard is full of garbage food like potato chips and cookies, and you would be very wrong.

I have a healthy kitchen and never buy fast food. I haven’t bought fast food in 20 years. Yet, in spite of this, the weight has all returned.

Then, one day I had an epiphany.

I remember reading once that the definition of insanity “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If that’s true, I’ve been insane for years. If dieting over and over again brought the same results…weight coming back again and again….why torture myself and continue to diet?

What’s the point? So, I decided then and there that I would never diet again.

What’s interesting is that once I made that decision, I felt relief but fear as well. It’s not easy getting your head out of the diet mentality.

There’s another saying that the Buddhists have” When the student is ready the teacher will come”. I was ready and my teacher came….

If you need to lose weight now, then have a look at some of the programs I’m including on this website and see what you feel may work for you. Remember that there is no quick fix but there are strategies and methods that may resonate with you more than others. I wish you every success if you need to lose weight now.

Low Calorie Diets The Insanity Of A Low Calorie Diet plan

A reduced calorie diet plan is one that restricts the amount of calories you munch on in any type of offered day to 1500 or much less. Low calorie diets are not to be misinterpreted with Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) which are commercially prepared formulas, such as dish replacement shakes and soups of concerning 800 calories that replace the entire typical food consumption for several weeks or months.

The glycemic index diet plan or G.I. diet plan is gaining a reputation as a healthy and balanced way to drop weight. Although even more of a way of consuming instead of a diet regimen, an increasing number of individuals following the G. I way achieve their fat loss objectives. Several health experts agree that the Glycemic Index diet plan, if followed appropriately, can be an excellent way to fat loss success, especially for those who strain with conventional low calorie diets or dieters who have trouble managing their hunger.

Low calorie diets likewise induce lots of people to be MAL-nourished, also obese individuals. If you are MAL-nourished exactly how can you expect to be healthy and look good? Even when on low calorie diets, if you survive processed foods it can induce harmful overload for the liver and make it tough if not inconceivable to absorb vital nutrients when you do finally put them in your mouth.

Low calorie diet programs has been the way to go also before low carbohydrate diet programs had also been become pregnant. It’s a recognized truth that to drop weight, you have to burn even more calories compared to you ingest. Low calorie diets generally include consuming smaller sections or consuming reduced calorie foods. It’s common of low calorie dieters to properly intend their dishes, measure their sections, and count calories. Fat loss depends mainly on the number of calories are cut out of the diet plan. If you aren’t vigilant concerning exactly what you put in your mouth, it’s simple to get off monitor. Still this has been, and continues to be to be, among the very best diets.

A reduced calorie diet strategy contains consuming a restricted quantity of calories each day. It progresses past the range of switching to diet strategy soda and biting on celery sticks instead of potato chips. The majority of low calorie diets have the consumer eating in between 800 1500 calories daily. Low calorie diets must be eaten in a healthy and balanced and secure way that sustains the physical bodies require for crucial nutrients.

A reduced calorie diet strategy contains consuming a restricted quantity of calories each day. It progresses past the range of switching to diet strategy soda and biting on celery sticks instead of potato chips. The majority of low calorie diets have the consumer eating in between 800 1500 calories daily. Low calorie diets must be eaten in a healthy and balanced and secure way that sustains the physical bodies require for crucial nutrients.

Very low calorie diets are seen in different means as there are numerous opinions on them. People assist them and explain they are the very best way to drop weight, whilst others are against them and explain they are not healthy. If you are considering trying such a diet regimen, you must collect as much info as you can, as well as ask your medical professional’s insight. The following truths concerning extremely low calorie diets can be an excellent starting point for your analysis.

While low calorie diets can cause fat loss in the initial couple of weeks and months of starting the diet plan, most the weight eliminated is not fatty tissue. This is because low calorie diets do not offer ample energy to fuel the physique’s basic functions such as breathing, flow, and food digestion and so on. In order to offer the gas to keep itself active, the physique cracks down muscle cells, which is effortlessly modifiable in to glucose, and is easier to access and damage down in to energy compared to fatty tissue.

Nevertheless, low calorie diets hold numerous health threats, and like the majority of diets, have a 95 % failing fee. When you go on a reduced calorie diet plan, you’re most likely to struggle with the \”malnourishment feedback\”. This is when your physique recognizes that it’s not obtaining enough energy, and starts to preserve its supply of fatty tissue by burning fewer calories. Furthermore, when you decrease the amount of calories you munch on, your mind obtains signals to munch on a lot more, your hunger is stimulated and you have feelings of appetite and deprival.


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Detox Diet:Detox Weight Loss

Detox diet and detox weight loss

Detox Diets and Weight Loss




Detoxing your body is a great way to jump-start your diet and to clear your body of toxins. We pollute our bodies daily with the processed foods we eat, the caffeine and sugar laden drinks we swallow and from the fumes and gases in the air that we breathe. Is is any wonder that we need to clear all of this out once in awhile to get healthy, and lose weight?

If you are considering going on a detox diet there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

      • Don’t start your detox one day and quit the next because you got distracted or decide its all too hard. Know why you want to detox in the first place and let this be your focus for just 2 days. That can’t be too hard, can it?
      • Don’t go cold turkey from all the processed food, high sugar content food and drinks, high caffeine,alcohol and if you smoke. Going cold turkey can really cause some problems for you so the best thing to do is to wean yourself off of these things as much as possible before you start your detox.
      • Slowly wean yourself off one thing every day. This way it won’t be such a shock to your system when you start your detox.
      • Detoxing doesn’t mean starvation! You do not need to deprive yourself of calories or good food. Smart eating with healthy and unprocessed food is a fantastic element of the detox diet.
      • Avoid unprocessed food.
      • Incorporate detox foods like broccoli, kale, artichokes, brussel sprouts and cabbage into your meal plans.
      • Drinking Green tea is another natural detox beverage.
      • Drink water and lots of it. Keeping your body hydrated during this process is key. By drinking enough water you help to minimize any side effects of the detox as well as helping eliminate all the toxins out of your body during this process.
      • Side effects of a detox diet include nausea,diarrhea,fatigue,sore muscles, headaches and crankiness. So, you better warn the family:)
      • Do your research to discover what detox diet and detox weight loss plan is for you. Some plans are just for detox and others are to help with weight loss as well.
      • Look for plans that are full of nutrients and don’t restrict your calories.
      • Always consult your health professional before starting on any detox or weight loss plan. This is for your safety.
      • Remember that your overall goal should be better health.
      • Know why you want to do this. If you do you’ll have a better chance of sticking to it even though it is just a  2 day detox diet!
      • Don’t reward the end of your detox with a food binge like getting back into lots of alcohol, sugar and caffeine, and smoking.
      • Try to incorporate your detox foods into your diet on a regular basis.

    In summary, going on a brief 2 day detox diet will not only help rid your body of toxins and help you to get healthier, but can also kick-start your weight loss program.
























    Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss


    Gluten Free Diet and Weight Loss

    Gluten Free Diet and Weight Loss

    If you’re like me you may have thought that by eating a gluten free diet that it would lead to weight loss. Well, I was wrong but didn’t know why.

    The fact is that any time we cut things out of our diet like sugar and fat for example, we may lose some weight just because foods are eliminated. The same is true for removing gluten from our diets.

    This is the scoop. gluten free foods in the past were pretty awful tasting but over the more recent years, manufacturers have worked really hard to make these foods taste as good as they can.

    The trouble is that in trying to achieve this, they have had to do a great deal of processing and adding things like potato starch, corn starch,rice flour, sugar and added oils.

    Because of the processing and added ingredients, these foods have very little or no nutritional value and provide no healthful benefits other than not containing gluten.

    Gluten free foods are being hyped all over the place. Manufacturers have even go so far as to label their food gluten free when it never had gluten in it in the first place. Its’ just a marketing ploy.

    Gluten Free diet and Weight Loss Can Be Achieved

    All calories are not created equal and you want to get the most benefit from the foods that you eat.

    So yes, enjoy the gluten free products but don’t make them a staple in your diet. Use them as a sort of bonus or treat. Focus on eating real food, not processed.

    Have a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables and protein, none of which contain gluten, as long as they aren’t processed.

    When foods are processed, ingredients are added that may contain wheat which is of course a major source of gluten.

    If you’ve been trying to lose weight and have been on a gluten free diet and have been ‘stuck’ it’s very possible that the culprit is likely to be the highly processed gluten free foods.

    Be sure to make every calorie count to benefit your health and well being.





    Quick Weight Loss Tips

    Quick Weight Loss Tips

    Weight Loss Tips


    Want some quick weight loss tips? Who the heck doesn’t? I wish it could be quick, then all I would have to do is snap my fingers and 50 pounds would be gone. The reality of the situation is that if you are in the position to  have a significant amount of weight to lose , reality says that will take some time to get it off and keep it off.

    Dieters are people who have more willpower in their little fingers than many have in their entire body. Dieting is not easy. It takes dedication, perseverance and a willingness to  learn how  to change the way you live your life.

    If you are over weight then perhaps you don’t get enough exercise and do not eat right. This isn’t always the case however. There are  overweight people who do exercise and who do eat right. So the first place to start is with honesty to yourself.

    Do you eat right? Do you get enough exercise? If not, this is a good place to start.

    If you aren’t used to exercise then perhaps you won’t be able to go for a thirty minute walk right off the bat so you’ll have to work up to that. Ask a friend to go with you so you do not have to do this all by yourself.

    The other side of the equation is to eat healthier and watch portion sizes . I know someone who lost 25 pounds in 6 months just by cutting their portion sizes in half.

    Another way to lose weight kinda fast is to cut out the soft drinks. Did you know if you stop drinking soft drinks you can lose 38 pounds in a year without doing anything else? That’s right no extra exercise or futzing with your diet, just 38 pounds gone by just quitting sodas. Find yourself a good sparkling mineral water (without all the flavorings and artificial sweeteners, that’s a whole other article.)

    Once you start losing the weight the best way to keep it off is to get yourself into a maintenance mode of some sort of exercise. By this time you should have your routine down to a science and know what it takes to get a good work out. You know the level of intensity you need. Most experts say that exercising at least 3 days a week is a good way to maintain. The old way of eating is a thing of the past and you look better than you have in years.

    The experts say to stay away from all the white stuff, white sugar, white flour, white rice. So what do you do if your recipe calls for white rice? either use the brown rice or substitute mashed up seasoned cauliflower, looks just like white rice and is much better for you.

    Try all these quick weight loss tips and see if they do not work for you.

    One more weight loss tip:Whats’ the difference between serving size and portions?




    Paleo Diet Foods

     Paleo Diet Foods


    Grilled steaks and vegetables


    Paleo diet foods are those that our caveman ancestors would have been able to “hunt and gather”. More studies have been done which indicate that by following the Paleo diet plan and eating Paleo diet foods, we can become healthier.


    The benefits of a Paleo diet have encouraged more and more people to undertake this type of eating plan. What makes this plan so successful is the fact that the foods are natural and free from ingredients that cause harm and which are present in most of all the processed foods we have been eating.


    There are no grains or dairy products on the Paleo diet food list. Why? These are foods that were not available in the caveman days. They require farming and alterations from their natural state.

    These foods were not available thousands of years ago and have only come about in more modern times. This is also when the diseases we now suffer from became so prevalent.


    So let’s look at some of the Paleo Diet Foods. This list of weight loss food for the Paleo diet is not exhaustive but should give you a good idea of what types of food on the Paleo Diet Foods List.


    Paleo Diet Foods to Eat:

      • Paleo Diet Meats
      • Paleo Diet Vegetables
      • Paleo Diet Oils/Fats
      • Paleo Diet Nuts
      • Paleo Diet Fruits


    Paleo Diet Foods Not to Eat :

      • Dairy
      • Soft Drinks
      • Fruit Juices
      •  Legumes
      •  Grains
      •  Fatty Meats
      • Salty Foods
      •  Starchy Vegetables
      •  Snacks
      •  Energy Drinks
      • Sweets


    Paleo diet meats:

      • Just about all meats are allowed as long as they are processed or really fatty. You can even have bacon!


    Paleo diet fish:

      • Yes, fish is definitely on the Paleo diet plan along with shellfish as well including crab and lobster.


    Paleo diet veggies: 


      • Almost all veggies are allowed
      • Except those that contain a lot of starch like potatoes, corn and squash.
      • Also, legumes (beans) are not permitted and this means green beans too. You’ll need to learn how to make chili without kidney beans but when seasoned correctly; you won’t miss them at all.


    Please don’t think that everything needs to be raw. Absolutely not. Be sure to cook your food as always but not to the point where it loses all its nutritional value.


    Experiment and have fun. You’ll be so surprised to find your meals delicious and effective in helping you to lose weight too if that is your goal.


    The Paleo diet plan is easy to follow and understand. Just remember that processed foods are full of unnatural chemicals and fillers that our bodies were not designed to assimilate. Foods need to be natural and chemical free and eliminate everything else. There is still plenty of variety and great meals to enjoy.

    For more information on Paleo Diet foods and recipes click the button below.

    Chapter 3 of the Paleo System Preview watch video: Paleo Diet


    Paleo Diet


    Paleo Diet


    If you are like many people and suffer from many of the common health problems faced by the general population then you might be asking yourself why?

    If you had a look at human history you‘d discover that just 12000 years ago, there was no evidence of diabetes, obesity, heart problems, kidney or liver problems! This was called the Paleolithic period; the age when humans were living in caves. The people that lived during this time were stronger, fitter and healthier than what we are today. They lived on the Paleolithic diet.

    The human race has advanced in many ways, yet has failed when it comes to these very common illnesses. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the answer is  the ‘DIET’!!!


    Since the discovery that our diet is the common denominator, the “Paleo Diet” was born. It is based on the diet of our ancestors, the cavemen, right from the caveman days. Studies have demonstrated that the paleo diet foods as a very nutritious and healthy.

    The Paleo Diet Plan

    The Paleo diet plan has the potential to provide us a healthy and long lifestyle even today. If this is the case then why not use it today? It is entirely possible that by incorporating this way of eating that we can avoid some of the common illnesses of today.


    If you consider all the elements of the Paleo diet, you’ll soon understand how it differs from the standard way of eating today. Firstly, farming hadn’t begun yet. Therefore, during this period of time they only ate what was ava available e naturally. Nothing was produced or farmed. They lived on nuts, berries, fruits and hunted meat and fish.

    Farming, came along much later and when that happened the diets changed a lot (which is why we are facing the health challenges we are today). Think about it… the cavemen didn’t eat dairy products, processed food, unhealthy oils, excessive carbohydrates and fats. Their Paleo diet food list consisted of everything that was available naturally and which were determined by what was available according to the seasons.

    Now that we have this understanding it makes sense to start eating this way. We can start following in the footsteps of our ancestors and the Paleo diet plan. The Paleo diet is now scientifically proven to help weight loss and fat loss and acts as a barrier against most health problems. Though it keeps carbohydrate intake low, it encourages consumption of fruits and vegetables, which help keep our energies up.

    Following the Paleo Diet will no doubt have positive effects on your health and wellbeing.







    The Gabriel Method Fat Loss Plan

    The Gabriel Method Review

    For me, the Gabriel Method is the best way to go for long term weight loss. I joined his program and for this reason I feel I can really talk about it.

    Jon Gabriel has a unique perspective on successful long term weight loss. After attempting and failing at just about every diet on the planet…(he even had Dr Atkins yell at him), he eventually lost over 225 lbs once he stopped dieting!

    Weight gain has a great deal to do with our minds as well as our bodies. We are all unique individuals and come with lots of “baggage” which in many cases has prevented us from reaching our weight loss goals.

    The Gabriel Method weight loss program has a totally different approach to weight loss.

      • You are no longer going to diet!
      • You will learn about the physiological effects of certain foods and therefore why some are better for you than others.
      • Learn what are your fat triggers?
      • Learn how to turn off those triggers
      • Learn that you can eat anything you want but, after eating more of the foods he recommends, some foods will no longer interest you.
      • Learn how to change your thoughts about yourself and losing weight.
      • Learn the body-mind connection and how by influencing that connection you can change your life forever.

    I have found that what is really special about this program is the body-mind connection. Losing weight is more than limiting food, cutting down on calories and all the other stuff we have been led to believe over the years. It involves much more.

    We are what we think. That’s the bottom line. We need to change our thinking and once we do that our bodies will follow along accordingly.

    Is the Jon Gabriel Method a quick fix?

    Most certainly it is not. It is a long term solution for a problem that has plagued many people their entire lives, myself included.

    I no longer get on the scale. It isn’t my friend. I’m a work in progress having successes along the way. I take one step at a time and heal myself inside and out.

    The Gabriel Method is amazing and I really love the Gabriel Method recipe book. I use it all the time and the recipes are delicious.

    I addition, the program is full of videos, audios, visualizations, meditations and lots of support. If you’ve struggled and are looking for a solution that lasts, then the Gabriel Method might be for you.


    The Fast Metabolism Diet Review:Lose Up to 20 Pounds in 28 Days!

    The Fast Metabolism Diet weight loss plan came as a real shock to me.

    In fact I just heard about it today.

    I spoke to a friend of mine this morning and asked her to look at my website and to get her opinion.

    Besides really liking the website she told me I needed to add another diet. I asked her what and why?

    She said she bought the Fast Metabolism Diet book andafter reading it she immediately started on the diet. She has lost 16 pounds in just 4 weeks! I was blown away.

    Fast Metabolism dietPlus she said she has to eat more food than she ever has before. She’s actually eating herself thin!
    Well, I just had to get the book and read about it and you know, it makes sense and is backed by science and research.

    Who created and wrote the book called the Fast Metabolism Diet?

    This weight loss plan was written by Haylie Pomroy is called the “Metabolism Whisperer”. She totally “gets” us relentless dieters and the problems we are plagued with. She knows why we have trouble losing weight but more than that she knows how to fix it with her fast metabolism diet.
    Haylie Pomroy is a highly regarded nutritionist with over 17 years of experience. Her Impressive client list includes:

      • Jennifer Lopez
      • Raquel Welch
      • Reese Witherspoon
      • Cher
      • Robert Downy Jr.


    She is an expert with clients who won’t stand for anything that doesn’t work or is too difficult to follow. She has people flying in from all over the world just to talk to her about this plan.
    Chronic dieting causes the burn out of our metabolism but this fast metabolism plan kicks it in the butt and gets it firing on all cylinders again.The fast metabolism diet meal plan lets you enjoy real food without counting calories.
    Haylie Pomroy’s diet follows a systematic rotation of specific foods, on specific days and at specific times. This strategy causes the body to transform itself into a fat burning machine by cycling between rest and active recovery of the metabolism.

    You need to understand that:

      • You will never starve
      • You will never go on a fast
      • will lose weight

    I haven’t tried this program myself but a very dear friend of mine has as I discussed in the first part of this article. I know she has struggled with losing the weight in the past but with this she has had amazing success…16 pounds in just 4 weeks! That’s a great testimonial if you ask me.

    Through the use of the fast metabolism diet you’ll reset your metabolism so that you burn everything you eat and more. It’s not about eating fewer calories but it’s about burning them up.

    I say, what have you got to lose except all the excess fat? If my friend can lose 16 pounds in 4 weeks and know you can too.

    If you want to experience success like my friend, click on the image below to buy the Fast Metabolic Diet book. And I wish you every success.


    Need to Lose Weight For Wedding

    Need to Lose Weight for WeddingNeed to Lose Weight for Wedding Blues

    Let me tell you people, I have been there a thousand times. No, not having my wedding 1000 times but trying to lose weight 1000 times. Over the course of my life I have lost and regained a couple of people and it has been a struggle…until now.

    Every bride wants to look their best for the wedding. The truth is we can’t all have a butt like Pippa Middleton no matter how much we try. Plus, how long do you think that would last?

    There are a few things I’d like to say here.

    1. Be yourself. If that means you have a few extra kilos or pounds on you, so be it. This is who you are. Why struggle for the short term?

    2. If you need to lose weight, then plan ahead.

    3. Diets simply do not work, period. You may get short term results only to gain it all back later on. I know. I’ve been on every conceivable diet on the planet and as I said, I have found what I lost.

    I have resolved to never diet again. What’s more, I found a program that supports just that and what is working for me.

    Diets only give you a temporary fix. Why go down that road? Why not say to yourself ” I don’t need to lose weight for wedding” but rather “I need to lose weight now for me and to do this I’m willing to explore more permanent changes?” No more yo-yo dieting because doing so really messes your body up from which it may not recover.

    If you want to go on a diet, please do, but if you want permanent change, have a look at this.

    I am going through the program right now and finding that I’m feeling great and making real progress. Plus I have my husband on board as well.

    So, take the information on board and do with it as you will but I just had to tell you.

    Don’t just try to lose weight just for the wedding. Be who you are, after all, you are the person your partner fell in love with.

    But, if you want to change your life forever and improve your health, then give this a go.